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July 13th Enhancements Notification


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For immediate release: July 13th, 2016

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July 13th Enhancements Notification

TeamSideline will release our next set of enhancements this Wednesday night, July 13th.

Visual Boundary Checker

If your organization’s boundaries are more specific than a city name or a few zip codes, you can draw the boundaries of your organization by street.  You can then have your site do things like not enable people to register, warn people about being outside the boundary, or even add a fee for “non-residents”. 

  1. Go to Programs > Configurations > Boundaries and click on the Visual Boundaries tab.  Follow the steps listed on the page to create your new Boundary Checker.  Also notice the “Tips” to further refine the visual your customers will see.
  2. On the Programs > Configurations > Boundaries page, set the Validation Action you want to occur when your customers register.  You can set it to Nothing, Warn, or Prevent.
  3. To display the Visual Boundary Checker on your public page:
    • For a Classic site, go to Programs > Configurations > Boundaries and change Show Boundary Check to Yes.  This displays the Boundary Check link on the left-hand navigation under Contact Us.
    • For a Responsive site, go to Content > Configurations > Sidebar Links and click the Add Link button.  Set Link Type = Feature, type in the Link Name, set Features = Boundary Lookup, set the rest of the fields and click the Add button.
    • Now view your Home Page to check out your new Visual Boundary Checker!

News Items – Show Until

You can now set the date and time for a News Item to display until on your home page – no more having to remember to go back and make the News Item invisible when the time is right.  Go to Content > News Items, click the Add News Item button or click on the pencil icon for the specific News Item, and set the Show Until date and End Time as needed.

Entry Forms Deletions

Entry forms can fill up over a season and especially a Free Agent list.  Now you can delete the entries you don’t want in the list anymore.  Go to Content > Entry Forms and click the spy glass for the Entry Form where you want to delete an entry.  In the Entry Form Responses table, scroll to the far right and click the red x to remove an entry.


A Favicon is also known as a website icon, tab icon, URL icon, or bookmark icon.  It’s the little icon that displays on your browser’s tab next to your site name – here’s what TeamSideline’s looks like .  It’s also used as the bookmark icon on mobile phones - so if someone bookmarks your site, it’ll look like an app on your customer’s home screen.  Now you can set your site to have its own Favicon – upload your own image or select from the default library that has been provided.  Go to Content > Configurations > Site Images and set the Favicon field to the image you want.  Then go to your home page and look at the tab to see your new Favicon displayed.

Evolved Header Layout

Evolved sites can now choose between two different Header Layouts – the current style showing one logo image and the tabs to the right and now a second option to display up to three logos at the top with the tab navigation underneath.  If you want to take advantage of the new look, upload up to two additional Badge images (Center Badge and Right Badge) on the Content > Configurations > Site Images page.  Once the images are uploaded, go to Content > Configurations > Site Layout and under the Header section, click on the second image that displays three Logos on top of the Navigation.  Click the Save button and go checkout your Home Page.  If you only have one or two badges, the header will display the images in the position you have uploaded the images to (left, center, and/or right).

Primary Account Changes

Ever have a request from your customers to change a secondary parent on an account to the primary parent?  To make this change, go to Customers > Account Management > Search, lookup your customer, and click on the customer’s name to go to the Account Overview page.  Click the pencil icon for the parent not identified as the Primary Account Holder, then click the Make Primary button.  Click OK on the prompt and now the Primary Account Holder has been switched.

Uploading Enrollment Photos

If you require players to upload a photo during their registration, they can now choose to use the photo they uploaded last time or remove it and select a new one.  Your customers will no longer have to upload a photo every time they register.  Sweet!

Background Checks Notification Emails

We continue to build out the integrated Background Check functionality for our partnership with Protect Youth Sports and have now enabled the ability to notify both the site admin and the volunteer via email as to the status of the returned Background Check report.  Go to Programs > Configurations > Background Checks, add in the email address(es) for anyone in the league that needs to receive the notifications for the volunteer reports.  Select Yes if you want the volunteer who has signed up to also receive an email notification.  You can choose to receive emails for volunteers who Pass or who have a status of Needs Review or just one of these two options.  The same options go for the volunteers themselves.  If you are interested in adding Volunteer Background Checks to your site, email

Cancelling Games

This last season has had many challenges for game scheduling due to inclement weather and various other reasons.  Now you can cancel or reschedule a game and have more options to choose from so your customers will be better informed.  In addition to the current Rescheduling Reasons of Canceled, Lightning, Maintenance, Rained Out, and Snowed Out, we’ve added Overtime, Schedule Conflict, No Official, and Other.  You can use any of these Reschedule Reasons when you edit a game on the 4 Create Schedule page.

Tie Breaker Analysis

The Tie Breaker Analysis that is currently available on all Standard divisions is now available on all Tournament divisions for pool play analysis.  Go to Schedules > Leagues & Divisions and click on any Tournament division name – this will take you to the Standings page for the division.  On the right hand side, click the Tie Breaker Analysis button, then click the triangle icon next to Pools to start drilling down into the details for each team.  Keep clicking the triangle icons to open up more information about the Tie Breaker that was used and the values associated with each Tie Breaker.  Click here for more definitions and examples on Tie Breakers.  Email if you are interested in learning more about the Tournament Module.

Officials’ Assignment and Reminder Emails

If you are using the Officials Module, today your officials get both assignment and reminder email notifications.  Assignment emails go out nightly and reminders are sent out the day before a game is played.  Now you can turn either of these notifications off if you prefer they are not sent out.  Go to Schedules > Officials Management > Configurations and set Assignment Email and/or Reminder Email to either Yes or No.  The default for both configurations is Yes.  If you are interested in learning more about the Officials Module or want to see a demo, email

Organization Specific Reporting

If you have more than one organization using your Site, then you will now be able to have an Admin for a specific organization run an Enrollment Information report only for those customers in their same organization.  This means organization Admins only see registration data for their own organization on the report.  Go to Administration > Manage Users > Users, add the new Admin if needed, then click on the pencil icon for the Admin.  Click on the Roles tab, only select Report Viewer, and click the Save button.  Edit the Admin again and click the Filters tab, click the Add Filter button, set Category = Organization, Filter Type = Has Access To, Filter = the specific organization, and click the Add button.  Then see the next section to setup the Enrollment Information Report for this Admin.

Admin Access to Specific Reports

Site admins can now be granted permissions to only view certain reports vs having access to every report available on your site.  Go to Administration > Manage Users > Users, add the new Admin if needed, then click on the pencil icon for the Admin.  Click on the Roles tab, only select Report Viewer, and click the Save button.  Edit the Admin again and click the Filters tab, click the Add Filter button, set Category = Report, Filter Type = Has Access To, Filter = the specific report, and click the Add button.  Repeat this step for as many reports that are needed.

Your Own Reports

Sometimes you want to create a report and have it only be available to yourself or you want all your admins to make their reports only available to themselves to help cut down on the amount of reports listed on Reports > Report Exports.  Now you can do this.  Go to Reports > Report Exports and click on any report.  Modify the report to the way you want it to look, click the Save Report button, type in the Report Name, click the Private? checkbox, and click the Save button.  Now this report is only visible to you.

Games Report

The Games Report (under Reports > Report Exports) can now be further refined by selecting specific Leagues and Locations.  Just click the League or Location dropdown to make selections to limit your report to one or more of either one of these options before you click the Export button.

Please note that the downtime period to enable these enhancements to be implemented will be from 10pm – 1am (PST) Wednesday night, July 13th.

We thank you for using TeamSideline!

Helene Harris
Customer Support
Direct: (916) 822-4800
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For more information:

Helene Harris at (916) 822-4800 or (888) 953-2483 Ext. 1




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